Water Activated Heavy Duty Inflatable Flood Barrier

  • Brand:
    FX Water Wall
  • Code:
  • Description:

    FX Water Wall consists of strengthened flexible material and is anchored by steel plates to the front. The front of FX Water Wall has openings at the the base of each metre section to allow water to flow in to inflate the system. 10 meters of Barrier can be in place within minutes and 100 meters can be installed in 1 hour. Installing the system will require 2 persons.

    This innovative design of using water as the barrier makes the system easier and safer than compressed air systems. The system is available in various heights from 700mm to 1500mm.

  • Coverage:

    Height: from 700mm to 1500mm
    Width: from 5 meters to beyond 1km
    System zips together in 1 meter /5 meter and
    10 meter configuration


  • Specification:

    Width WW Base: 1600mm
    Width front anchor flap: 1250mm
    Height: 700mm to 1500mm
    Weight per meter: 6.5kg
    Length rear storm flap: 200mm


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