Sandless Sandbag for Flood Protection and Pollution Control

  • Brand:
    FX Water Bag
  • Code:
  • Description:

    A more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative solution to sandbags. Rather than filling sandbags this solution will deploy in one-fifth of the time and will require less than 5% of the storage space of traditional sandbags.

    FX Water Bag activates in less than 3 minutes in fresh water and increases in weight from 0.23kg to 18kg. This solution can be stacked the same as sandbags and can cover various size openings. 

    FX Water Bag is an alternative solution that will help to reduce the impact of flooding.



  • Coverage:

    Length after activation: 600mm
    Width after activation: 400mm
    Weight after activation: 18.0kg
    Coverage: As required

  • Specification:

    Length before activation: 600mm
    Width before activation: 400mm
    Height before activation: Approx. 5mm
    Weight before activation: 0.23kg
    Material: PP non woven with Nano SAP

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