Perimeter Heavy Duty Water Diversion and Damming System

  • Brand:
    FX Defender 800
  • Code:
  • Description:

    Produced in either sincplated steel or aluminium, this system quickly locks together to create a solid perimeter water defence wall. The low weight components can be handled easily and the system can be placed on a variety of surfaces including in water to create temporary dams. We produce the barrier in 3 heights. and have angle panels available to work to any configuration.

    Depending on the surface, fixings may have to be secured permanently.

  • Coverage:

    Height: 800mm
    Dimension W x H: 1180mm x 1480mm

  • Specification:

    Water Protection Height: 800mm
    Material: Aluminium Alloy
    Dimension W x H:1180mm x 1480mm
    Weight: 225kg
    Assembly Time: 2 persons 100m:80min
    Storage Space: 15m3 (100mm)

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