Hydrodynamic Automated Flood Barrier/Gate Embedded

  • Brand:
    FX I Guard E
  • Code:
  • Description:

    The barrier automatically lifts when activated by water flow, the system does not require electricity or manual intervention. When the water level reaches trigger value, the buoyancy pushes the front of the barrier up. This model is installed into the ground, lays flush with the ground surface and can be designed for requirements to offer flood protection heights from 580mm to 1150mm.

    Required initial installation and ground construction work.

  • Coverage:

    The IGuard system is made to measure and heights and sizes are defined by the specific project requirements.

    Height: 580mm to 1200mm
    Width: As required

  • Specification:

    Embedded System

    Length: To requirement
    Height: 580mm to 1200mm
    Load bearing: 12.5 Tonne

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