Home Flood Defence Project – East Coast Area Home

Type of Project: Residential

Products Purchased

3 Dam Easy Barriers
1 Extension Pole

We were called to put in flood protection solution at a door at the backyard where flash floods in a monsoon event can create a pouring of floodwaters into the property. Customer however did not realise that even if we had protected that door, floodwaters could still pour in from the front and they thought we hadn’t the solution for it.

Our Solution

Flooded Area 1

Door at kitchen backyard. Not only do we have to protect floodwaters from entering from the front, our site-survey also found that the back required the same protection as water the whole property sits on the same elevation.

Flooded Area 2

Front Patio area. Alleviated the issue of floodwaters ingress into the living room space where their family spends time in. Dam Easy Barriers were installed on concrete reveals in front of glass sliding door.

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